Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lakeside Reaches Further with The SuccessMaker Curriculum

Recently, we decided to add the SuccessMaker (SM) computerized curriculum to our already strong math and reading programs. We made the decision to add the SM program for three reasons: 1. We felt very strongly that the addition of this program would help our current students make even more progress. 2. We could better reach students of all skill levels in K-8. 3. This would allow us to provide parents with greater information on their child's learning through SM comprehensive progress reporting. Below is an explanation of how Lakeside Learning is using the SM program.

Well-Correlated to the Common Core State Standards. With a strong focus on developing critical skills for reading, speaking and mathematics, SuccessMaker provides real world problems to help activate the link between accessing prior knowledge and acquiring new abilities to strongly develop and improve comprehension.

One-on-One Instruction. With a strong focus on the most critical math and reading concepts, individualized learning for every student becomes a reality with SuccessMaker. Embedded assessment finds just the right starting point in the curriculum and the program’s dynamic presentation of content focuses instruction on areas where each learner’s skills need to be strengthened.

Real Engagement. SuccessMaker delivers content through a highly engaging interface that makes math and reading instruction, practice and assessment fun. The program is highly interactive, addressing multiple learning modalities and making students active participants in their learning and the game-like formats of many activities are challenging and motivating so learners can’t wait to use the program.

Powerful Data. SuccessMaker ends the guesswork with ongoing, embedded assessment and on-demand reporting making it easy to identify strengths and weaknesses, track progress, meet accountability requirements and inform instruction.

Serious Fun. Even the best curriculum falls flat if your learners aren’t interested in using it. SuccessMaker was built on research around what motivates learners at each age. Students from kindergarten through grade eight LOVE using the program and, most importantly, can’t wait to learn more.